Brooklyn Tweed Vika

A few years ago, I knit a lopapeysa for my dad. (That's a traditional Icelandic colorwork sweater for you non-knitters.) Recently, I noticed that whenever I get photographs of my parents, my dad is always wearing the sweater in the pictures. I don't know if he does it to please me. It certainly makes him very knitworthy. Eventually I asked my mom whether I should make him another sweater, just to break up the monotony. I got an enthusiastic "yes", so I embarked on this very long knitting project.

Autumn Colors: Gingers, Burda 2012-05-106, and Burda 2020-05-115

 The leaves have barely started turning, but I want it to be proper fall already. Enough of the heat and humidity. On with sweaters and layers and even mittens in the morning. Mrs. Garter plus a skirt First, I bring you a knit: ANKESTRiCK's Mrs. Garter. This is the second time I've used this pattern; the first time I made it in the same base yarn but a different colorway. This is a fall color, Harrisville Designs Highland in Russet. It's a very rich, slightly mottled brick-red, dyed in the wool. I knit it in the spring but it didn't get a lot of wear then; now it is finally getting cool enough in the mornings. I paired it with a skirt I made out of an olive linen, Burda 2012-05-106 . That skirt is quite a fabric hog. The fit was a bit iffy on me--I cut a 44, I think, but it was very tight in the waist. I had to rip out some of the gored seams to give myself some room.  Otherwise, I like it, although it isn't an everyday skirt. The pockets are great--both the positio

Burda Repeats Itself: October 2021 edition

 The tech drawings for the October issue are up, and the helpful commenters on the Russian Burda site have rounded up some of the repeats again, so I thought I'd do another post along the lines of the previous one . I did not find this issue as blah as the September one, but a lot of it did look eerily familiar. If you'd like to see the garments on the models, the first preview is here.

Burda 2015-10-117, or How do you say "saga" in Japanese?

After a spate of projects to fill holes in my wardrobe, I finally got a chance to sew something that I do not really need but that satisfies the costumey, theatrical side of my personality. It is not a big side but it's there. So, here comes Burda 2015-10-117, from one of their dubious "flavors of Asia" spreads:


I am clearly still figuring Blogger out. It seems that there is a bug that causes comments to disappear into the void, with no notifications. I just changed a bunch of settings and tested the commenting function, and it seems to be fixed? In any case, apologies if you tried to comment; those comments seem to be gone forever. 

Sartorial Divination: On Body Types, Kibbe, and Color Seasons. (OR: I am a Wintry, Dramatic Sagittarius)

This blog post is about the never-ending quest of women to find the Holy Grail that will unlock all the mysteries of style once and for all. With lots of strongly phrased opinions on why I think Kibbe and the like are nonsense.

Fashion Repeats Itself? Or Just Burda?

 I spend a lot of time on the Russian Burda site. The site used to be the first to post previews of upcoming issues of Burda magazine, and the technical drawings. It seems that there are other sources for that now that sometimes beat the Russian Burda site to it. But one thing that the .ru site has that others do not is a bunch of grumbling, disaffected users who make no bones about criticizing the magazine in the comments section. It's a great window into the Russian culture, to be sure. But the comment section for the previews is also a good source of information on which patterns are reissues of older patterns. And in recent months, it seems like the vast majority of the patterns in each magazine are repeats. So, here are the repeats for the month of September of 2021. I am not necessarily going to do this every month, but this month (and the August one, actually) are pretty egregious. All the tech drawings (click on the pic to enlarge, so you can view the model numbers):  Repea