Fashion Repeats Itself? Or Just Burda?

 I spend a lot of time on the Russian Burda site. The site used to be the first to post previews of upcoming issues of Burda magazine, and the technical drawings. It seems that there are other sources for that now that sometimes beat the Russian Burda site to it. But one thing that the .ru site has that others do not is a bunch of grumbling, disaffected users who make no bones about criticizing the magazine in the comments section. It's a great window into the Russian culture, to be sure. But the comment section for the previews is also a good source of information on which patterns are reissues of older patterns. And in recent months, it seems like the vast majority of the patterns in each magazine are repeats.

So, here are the repeats for the month of September of 2021. I am not necessarily going to do this every month, but this month (and the August one, actually) are pretty egregious.

All the tech drawings (click on the pic to enlarge, so you can view the model numbers):

 Repeat skirt: Burda 2021-09-122A/B is also known as F/S 2010 #8155:

Girl's dress 2021-09-100 and 101 is also known as Burda 2014-02-145.

Repeat dress 2021-09-120 and top 121: also known as Burda 2014-04-123. Same bodice, different skirts/longer sleeve.


 Burda kids' quilted jacket 2021-09-132 is also known as Burda 2014-09-145:

Burda Trench coat 2021-09-104 and jacket 105 are also known as Burda 2012-11-118:

Burda trousers 2021-09-106 are also known as Burda 2010-08-123. They did shorten them for petites, though. And removed the clown, in case those scare you.

And, in digital format for the first time: 

Fancy sleeve shirt 2021-09-117 and 118 is also known as Burda 2008-01-125:

[CORRECTION: the sleeves look similar but the bodice is quite different, as other commenters on have ponted out since.]


Burda asymmetric hem skirt 2021-09-109 is also known as Burda 2006-3-105:

Burda tweed shorts 2021-09-113 are also known as Burda 2010-05-135:

So, what is actually new? As far as we know, the following:

Dress 2021-09-101 and top 102;

The exclusive jacket 2021-09-123;

Dress 2021-09-107 and 108;

Flounce bottom pants 2021-09-103;

Grandpa gardigan 2021-09-111/112;

All the plus size models;

girl shorts 2021-09-133.

With all the known repeats crossed out, that leaves us with 14 new patterns and 12 repeats.


Catherine Daze said…
My paper copy of the September issue arrived today, and I have to say it’s the most disappointing Burda issue for a while. Interesting to see I prefer the styling of the original version of all the duplicate patterns too…(ok apart from the clown boyfriend- what were they thinking?) But the ‘designer exclusive’ pattern is very good, and I only really need one good pattern an issue for it to be worth subscribing.
Cantankera said…
I agree, there's little here to excite. I liked the designer exclusive jacket, too, but it looks similar enough to the denim coat from 2/2021 that I probably wouldn't sew it right away. I wish they would at least repeat patterns that are not available in digital format, like the ones from the 90's. Those should be in style right now, too.

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